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2015-02-07 16.29.38-5Dr. Scott Bauersfeld Doctor Bauersfeld graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in the spring of 2006. After many harsh winters under his belt, he pursued a more temperate climate. This brought him to Aiken in Early 2007. He then worked for Advanced Chiropratic until he purchased the clinic in 2011. During this time he met and married his loving and beautiful wife, Colby. Colby is heavily involved in the local Horse community and manages several properties in Aiken for a local family. We welcomed our son Miles on April 3, 2013.   He brings so much joy to our family and keep us very busy. Dr. Bauersfeld and his family absolutely adore the people and community of Aiken and everything that it has to offer. With a second child on the way, they plan to raise their family in this beautiful southern town.

Alyssa Williams is a Licensed Massage Therapist who currently has just over 600 hours of massage education and over 10 years experience in the field. Massage therapy, for Alyssa, is much more than just about being pampered. It’s about getting back to the basics and providing a service that everyone truly needs. Since childhood she has known it was her purpose in life to help and heal others. Early in life Alyssa found that it was through massage that she was able to do just that. Alyssa provides safe and comforting atmosphere that allows you as the client to feel c
ompletely relaxed and taken care of. What Alyssa loves most about being a massage therapist is being able to provide an hour or more of healthy/natural service that not only allows you (the client) to free your mind and relax, but also has you leave feeling better than when you walked in. Book an appointment today to help manage your pain, improve circulation, muscle tension, headaches, daily stress, anxiety and also depression.

Anna and Hilda

Advanced Chiropractic’s staff (from left to right; Hilda and Anna)


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